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Discover Wānaka's lake on horseback 

Saddle up

At West Wanaka Station, it’s easy to feel as though you’re on top of the world. This is a place where it’s possible to ride for days without seeing another human soul, with only the wind, the stars, and the occasional rabbit for company. 


With a range of trail rides suited to every ability, we have an experience for every rider. Whether you’re looking to take in the scenery at a slow pace, or really let loose and feel the wind in your hair, there really is something out here for everyone.

Getting you prepared

With years of experience in the New Zealand backcountry, our seasoned guides are here to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for your adventure. We take the time to match you with your most suitable mount, and provide a lesson before heading out to make sure you feel completely comfortable with your horse - and their buttons!


We think our horses are a joy to ride for english and western riders alike - forward going, soft, and responsive enough to be ridden on a loose rein. We know that nobody likes to feel like they are just “following in line” - and strive to give you as much freedom as possible whilst keeping you safe.

Happy herds 

At Wanaka Horse Trekking, our horses are the backbone of our business - but they are our partners, not our tools. Because we know that a happy horse is essential to an unforgettable experience, we are passionate about letting our equine friends live as natural a life as possible. 


That’s why you’ll never see our horses locked away in a barn, or working day in, day out without a break. Because they have space to roam our vast station, socialise in herds, and take horsey downtime, they are the happiest and safest possible companions for your journey.


We can’t wait to share our slice of paradise with you!

Our Horse Treks

Homestead Bay Ride


Duration:           allow 2.5 hours

Price:                   $350 NZD

Level:         Suitable for all levels

Minimum Age:      14+
Lunch:            not included 

Lake Ride


Duration:          Allow 5 hours

Price:                     $700 NZ

Level:           Intermediate+

Minimum Age:          14+

Lunch:                  Included

Lookout Hill Loop Ride


Duration:            Allow 7 hours

Price:                      $900

Level:                Intermediate+

Minimum Age:         16+

Lunch:                 Included

Hut Ride


Duration:            2 days, 1 night

Price:                     $1850

Level:                Intermediate

Minimum Age:         16+


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