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Our different horse treks 

Our beautiful team of horses will give you an unforgettable experience off the beaten track on this beautiful land we are so fortunate to ride on.

We ride on a private station which makes you feel like you are on top of the world, no other humans, just the occasional rabbit. It is absolutely a slice of paradise with snowy mountain tops, views over beautiful Wanaka Lake, hill tops, and continuous views all around.

Your guide will give you a little introduction to your horse, followed by a little lesson (how to go, stop, turn), and will make sure you are all ready for this adventure on horseback. Our horses are like family and we encourage riding on a loose rein to make it as nice as possible for you and our horses.


Homestead Bay - 2 hours 

Daily rides at 9:30 a.m. & 12:30 p.m.

Age: 14+
Suited to all levels 

Lake Ride

Lake Ride - Half Day 5-6 hours

Daily rides at 9:00

Age: 14+
Suited to intermediate & experienced

Big Hill

Big hill loop - Full day ride 

The "ride of rides"

Age: 14+
Suited to intermediate & experienced 

Hut Ride

Hut ride - 2 days, overnight 

This ride is on request, and operates between December 1st - March 31st 
Age: 16+

$1850 per person
Suited to intermediate & experienced 


Additional Information for your Horsetrek

Opening times

We are open 7 days per week! However we are still in our first year of the business, and sometimes we decide we all need a day off.
So we encourage to book on advance to not miss out on an opportunity to come ride with us.


At Wanaka Horse Trekking we use Syd Hill half breed saddles. These are somewhere between an english and a western saddle and
are perfect for long days on horseback - especially when hills are involved! They are extremely comfortable for a long day in the


Minimum riders

We generally require at least 2 riders in order to run any ride, but since we are in the first year of our business we are flexible and
happy for you to book a ride if you are a solo traveller. 


What to wear

We provide you with ESNZ approved safety helmets for your ride. The weather can be extremely changeable out on the station,
particularly when we are travelling from low to high altitudes. Please ensure that you wear sturdy shoes, warm and waterproof
clothing layers - and don’t forget the sunblock! 



We have a strict 95kg weight limit for all our rides. This is to protect the health and wellbeing of our horses. 

We understand that it’s hard to resist a photo opportunity in such stunning surroundings! For your safety and immersion in the
experience, we recommend leaving your own mobile phone or camera behind. However of course it is okay to bring it. Make sure
you have zipped pockets because we do not stop, turn around, or go looking for it if you drop it. We do love taking pictures, and our
guides will capture your experience on camera for you! 

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