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Homestead Bay ride - allow 2.5 Hours

$350 per person 
9:30 am & 12:30 pm rides
Age: 14+ years

New to the saddle, or simply keen for an easy and relaxing experience? Our shortest - but one of our most beautiful - rides, our Homestead Bay ride follows the historical pack trail, tracing the footsteps of miners and prospectors back in the days of the gold rush.  The trail runs alongside the lake with spectacular views all round. 

This ride is usually conducted at a walking pace, and is perfect if your group includes children, beginner or intermediate riders.

If you are an experienced rider we will really do our best to navigate the bookings, and keep it a fast ride. But we cannot make promises on this. Our max amount on the rides is 4 people so chances are its still a fast ride. 



- MUST speak good English 

- Weight limit: 95kg


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