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Big Hill Loop - Full day, 20km 

A full day 25km expedition showcasing the best of West Wanaka station, from the highest hilltops to the shores of Lake Wanaka. Best suited to more experienced riders with some riding fitness!

9:00 (need a minimum of 2 riders)
Lunch included 
16+ years 

For riders who really want to get out there and explore the hidden gems of West Wanaka station, this full day 25km ride truly delivers! The big hill loop spans some of the highest and lowest points of the landscape. After riding to the top of the hills, we continue along the summit, taking in the spectacular views below, before descending down to Lake Wanaka for lunch and a swim (alone, or with your horse!).

The dramatic changes in terrain on this ride, from rugged, desert-like hillsides to rich grasslands, are truly breathtaking and can leave you feeling like you have travelled between continents!

For intermediate and experienced riders, this ride may include sections of trot and canter, subject to the ability of the group. We find this is a big day for most people, and we advise to only book this ride if you are used to spending the full day outside in nature, and are physically fit. 

Important: The horses carry us up the hill, but we dismount and lead them for a short section (about 30-40 minutes of downhill walking) of this ride as we descend down the steeper slopes. This is an important part of backcountry riding at altitude. It saves our horses’ shoulders, and keeps them strong and healthy. You must therefore be physically fit and happy to lead a horse from the ground to participate in this ride. 

Please wear sturdy shoes: lace up boots

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