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Safe Trekking Policy

We do our absolute best to keep you safe on your ride. When you arrive we give you a lesson on "how to ride your horse". Once your are on your horse, we will do a practise of "go, stop, and turn" to make sure you understand the basic commands. 

Important things to consider about going on a horse trek:


We provide the helmets that are up to New Zealand safety standards. You can bring your own, as long as they are up to the same standard. 


ALWAYS wear covered toe shoes, NO jandals 

Approaching a horse

Horses are flight animals, and they can't see directly behind them. Make sure to speak calmly when approaching a horse from behind, and let them know you are there.


All children must be supervised by an adult. They are not allowed to be around the horses by themselves, and have to remain at the cottage until further instructions are given by one of the guides.

Human behaviour

Please stay calm around horses, so no yelling, screaming, and  no sudden high energy moves. Horses are flight animals and this can spook them so be aware of your behaviour and sounds. 

Human fitness

Riding a horse is a physical activity. Be aware that it takes a certain amount of fitness level to be able to do this activity.


If you are feeling extremely nervous, or if you have a physical disability we should be aware off please let us know. We can help you much better knowing this information. 


When riding a horse you want to work with your horse, not against. We expect you to use the commands we teach you, and always pay attention to what your horse is doing. You have to ride actively, and become a partner with your horse.

Pecking order

Horses are herd animals, and they have a "pecking order", a "ladder of hierarchy". Make sure to be aware of where you are in the line-up and keep a little bit of space between you and the horse in front. "All is fine when we are all in line". On our bigger rides we can spread out, and we will inform you about their dynamics as much as we can throughout the ride. 

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