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We offer more than just horse treks.

If you have been around horses then you have applied Horsemanship.


Whether we realise it or not we apply it every day. The question is are you aware of your horsemanship? It is my mission to help others create a safe and relaxed environment for themselves and their horse. So many times I see frustration, accidents, or misunderstanding between a human and a horse. I have learned through the years how easy it is to solve some simple daily problems. And I would love to help you with this.

We can assist you with the following:

Getting confident trekking

Bring your horse over for a minimum of 4 weeks and together we can get you and your horse confident out on the trails.

Trailer loading

This can be one of these frustrating things that does not have to be frustrating at all. I would love to help you and your horse get comfortable with this so you can both go out on adventures.

Liberty work

To me horses are more than just riding. There is a whole world of communication and building a relationship on the ground. Once you start connecting with your horse, and you see their real personality come out it goes straight to the heart. Doing liberty work is a great way to learn to communicate together. It teaches you how a horse sees things, thinks, reacts to your body language, and you will learn a lot about a horse’s character.

Additionally, we provide training to riders of all levels on
leading with confidence, and dealing with and overcoming scary objects. 

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